About Us

Our Mission: Provide objective, comprehensive and customized solutions to the construction industry that elevate processes, value and results.

Primus Building Solutions was founded on a trinity of core values:


  1. Foresight to identify and solve problems at any level.
  2. Knowledge spanning the full spectrum of the construction industry to provide diverse and proven services.
  3. Resolve to exceed expectations even under the most extreme circumstances.

Every day, these values come through in our commitment to clients and projects and innovative approach to problem solving.  All of our employees know the complex terrain of the business and constantly look for new ways to control expenditures, deliver targeted results and drive value for stakeholders.


Clients know they will receive the right balance of small-firm service and big-firm expertise. We overcome challenges while building lasting partnerships, in part due to our professional approach and vast experience. The Primus team combines credentialed professionals, general contractors and knowledgeable business leaders. Our role as liaison for project owners streamlines communication, management and construction for better results. With the final outcome delivering cost-effective solutions that serve communities for years to come.


As owner representatives, we operate solely on behalf of our clients to help them realize their vision on time and on budget. A wealth of foresight, knowledge and resolve is behind everything we do.


Call us today at 818.244.6900 and put the Primus Advantage to work for you!