Service: Construction Management

Holt Avenue Family Apartments


Pomona, CA


Holt Avenue Family Apartments

Owner: Clifford Beers Housing

Architect: Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Project value: $10,500,000

Project Start: 2016

Project Estimated Completion: Spring 2017


Holt Family Apartments is planned as a 50-apartment community for families in the City of Pomona. This beautifully designed and well-managed permanent supportive housing project will increase land value and supportive social services in the surrounding area. The site is approximately 69,000 square feet (1.58 acres) and is vacant land at this time. The development team envisions a newly constructed Type V, wood-framed building that will achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Silver rating upon completion. The site will include outdoor space, a playground, a basketball court, community gardens, a community space for use by the tenants and the surrounding community, and offices for property management and case management staff. The 50 apartments will consist of 12 one-bedrooms, 16 two bedrooms and 22 three-bedrooms. The project is currently in its permit phase. Primus was asked to join the team to act as the lead in determining the City of Pomona’s permitting requirements and disseminating that information to the design team.