SEED Solar Project

SEED Solar Project - Multiple Locations
Owner: LINC Housing - SEED Solar LLC
Construction Project Value: $2,800,000
Project Estimated Completion: Fall 2017

SEED Solar will own and operate a 764 kW solar PV system on five properties (The Village Beechwood in Lancaster, City Gardens in Santa Ana, SEASONS at Ontario, Pleasant View Apartments in Fresno, and Mosaic Gardens at Monterey Park). The power generated by those systems will be sold to the properties via a power purchase agreement. 

At Ontario and City Gardens, power will also be provided to the residents and they will receive a bill credit. The energy provided to the common areas is through a 12 year PPA with an option to renegotiate the pricing structure at that point and extend to 20 years. The energy provided to residents is credited to their individual bills using virtual net metering. The residents are not charged, as the objective is to reduce their overall energy burden as well as provide a sustainable source of power.